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Crafty Asset Management

Migrating assets to a new CMS can be a complete pain, but working out which files go with each page or article on a website doesn't have to be a nightmare if you start with a solid foundation. For me, that means tightly coupling my folder structure on the server with my content structure on the website, a workflow that Craft is particularly nifty at automating.

Grid Lock

Last week I set myself a new productivity challenge. I don't want to dwell too much on that, but needless to say I think I've already abandoned it[1] 🤦 Y'see, I was meant to be spending this week:

Finding the Time

Okay, so let's throw out some facts. Each day has 24 hours; each week has 7 days. Months and years get a little harder to explicitly quantify[1], but that's okay as they're also a little meaningless for what we're talking about[2]. Right, following so far?

Game of Thrones: A Retrospective

So last night[1] was the final finale ever for Game of Thrones. There's a lot to unpack, and just about everyone on the web seems to be doing just that, but the tl;dr of it all (for me, at least) was that we got a really solid conclusion that nicely balanced fandom and narrative threads. It definitely wasn't jaw dropping or life changing or anything like that, but it was a really well paced ending to a very solid fantasy series. Whilst we don't yet truly know what the original story has in store for these characters, I don't think you could ever do the books better justice than the HBO series that we got. Casting was pretty much perfect throughout; the effects, costumes and general visuals have always been top notch; and the script itself (admittedly particularly for those seasons pulling directly from the source material) has been entertaining at worst and spell binding at best. It's a series that I think will rightfully become a classic and I really hope it continues to be something that people recommend for years to come, because I genuinely don't think we'll be getting a better prime-time fantasy show any time soon[2].

Seeing the Subway Gods & Thoughts on Music

Last night Alison and I went to see Too Many Zooz at the O2 Forum in Kentish Town. We were, wonderfully, joined by a couple of university friends at the last minute who happened to be in town; then, as we were leaving, we bumped into another group of friends from drumming. We knew that one or two of them might be at the gig, but it was actually quite a few, so we ended up going out for a few more drinks with them (uni friends heading off to various temporary homes before it got too late for their hosts).

New Year, New Rules

Well, we did it: we made it to 2019! 🎉 🥂

2018: The Year of London

It's that odd time of year, the bit between Christmas and New Year where time doesn't really flow like you expect it to. No one knows what day of the week it is and everything seems to be simultaneously coming to an end and sizing up the starting blocks again. For a lot of people, it's a time without clear purpose that's bookended by very distinctive cultural markers themed on rebirth, which makes it pretty ideal for reflection.

Where Are the Dragons?

Yesterday, we visited The Vyne, a National Trust location in Hampshire. I'd love to say that we'd gone to dig into the history of the area but, really, we went to catch-up with family and enjoy a mini break away from everything else (Saturday had been hectic for a whole other reason).

How to Fix a Broken Embedded Flickr Album

I recently had need to embed a Flickr album, as I've done many times before. When I published the article, however, the album was broken and only showed a single image. Odd, sure, but I figured I had just copied the wrong embed code; an hour later and I was fairly certain I hadn't.

Autumn Colours at Kew Gardens

What's this, a new article? Containing a new Flickr album? Well, who would have thought!

Solving Ancient Riddles with Neural Networks

Could the Voynich Manuscript just be early world building? Image in public domain.

The Parisianer: A (Hopeful) Future of Paris

I have to admit, after a particularly awful experience well over a decade ago I have deliberately avoided travelling through the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. As a result, I had no idea about the on-going (and absolutely stunning) art installation/project taking place there. I still wouldn't if it weren't for Khoi Vinh.